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Cinebot25 is a model that possesses unparalleled controllability and steady aerial footage shooting capability. It will debut with a revolutionary external design and unbelievable performance.

Cinebot 25 comes with two different options for the power version. They are the regular version with the SPEEDX2 1404 motor and the S(sport) version with the SPEEDX2 1505 motor.

The O3 anti-shake design applies four silicone damping balls to reduce vibration and filter jello, providing high-performance videos. The integrated structure adopts revolutionary modified materials to satisfy the need for rigidity and flexibility, reducing the possibility of damage to a minimum. The fuselage space is highly compatible with various video transmission systems like the O3 Air Unit, and it is equipped with a convenient outlet to make the use of the SD card slot and USB faster and more effective.

After a host of testing on parameters, Cinebot25 adopts a TAKER G4 45A AIO FC that will breathe new life into the footage-shooting experience.


Integrated external design. Equipped with reinforced carbon plate and modified material for one-piece injection molding at the bottom.

The shock-absorbing protection cover of the camera provides better stability for footage shooting.

Two power versions are available: the regular one with SPEEDX2 1404 motor and the superior one with SPEEDX2 1505 motor.

The TYPE-C and BOOT button on the rear makes parameter adjustment convenient.

Optimized silicone T-shaped antenna fixing component.

Cinebot25 Lite quadcopter eqquiped with a LiHV 4S 720mAh battery that weighs less than 250g.

Equipped with the new TAKER G4 45A AIO, the G4 FC has a stable flight computing capability. An integrated 45A BL32 ESC possesses strong discharge capability that supports a refresh rate of up to 128K PWM.

The compatibility between O3 VTX and Cabinet makes the installation of memory cards and footage loading easier.

The customized fixing stand of the receiver simplifies the internal space.

Diversify the selectivity of the battery with the comprehensive fixing method of aluminum components and straps.


Model: Cinebot25 S WTFPV Quadcopter

Frame: GEP-CT25 Black

Wheelbase: 115mm



Gyro: ICM 42688-P

FC firmware: TAKERG4AIO

ESC: BLHeli 32Bit 45A

Motor: SPEEDX2 1505 4300KV

Propellers:  HQprop DT63mm x4

Connector: XT30

VTX: None

Camera: None

Antenna: None

Receiver: PNP(internal VTX receiver) / ELRS2.4G / TBS NanoRX

Weight: Cinebot25 S WTFPV PNP version 145g±1g

Recommended battery: LiPo 4S 650mAh-850mAh

Flight Time:5′-7’30”(The reference time is based on low-speed flight. The actual time depends on individuals’ flying methods. )


1 x Cinebot25 quadcopter

1 x HQprop DT63mmx4 propeller(pack)

2 x  Battery anti-slip pads

1 x 15*150mm battery strap

1 x 15*180mm battery strap

1 x Naked GoPro base

1 x O3 heat sink

1 x 19*19mm lens cover

2 x O3 antenna extension cords

1 x Reserved screw pack

1 x L-shaped screwdriver 1.5mm

1 x Frequency paring pointer

1 x Damping ball puncher

Reserved screw pack includes

2 x Camera damping balls

4 x M2 nuts

6 x M2*6 button head screws

4 x M2*18 button head screws

4 x M1.6*8 round Head screws with collar

4 x M2*5 button head screws

4 x M1.6*10 allen screw

2 x M2*12 button head screws

2 x M2 self-clinching nuts

2 x T-shaped antenna fixing silicones

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Máy Bay GEPRC Cinebot25 S WTFPV | ELRS 2.4G

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  • 4,950,000VND

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