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These Gemfan D90 90mm 3-blade propellers are perfect for ducted racing. These 3.5" props result in smoother control during flight, with a tighter wheelbase.

Choose a color - Black, Clear Gray, Milk White, or Whisky!

VIDEO: D90 Cinewhoop Prop by GEMFANHOBBY


  • Accepts 1.5mm and 2mm shafts, as well as 5mm shafts with the provided adapters!
  • Perfect for ducted racing!



  • Center Hole Diameter: M5 & T Mount 1.5mm/2mm (Adapter)
  • Colors: Black, Clear Gray, Milk White, or Whisky
  • Props Diameter: 90mm/3.5in
  • Center Thickness: 5mm
  • 4CW + 4CCW props
  • Weight: 2.3g
  • Material: PC
  • Pitch: 3 inch
  • Blades: 3


  • 1x Gemfan D90 90mm 3.5" 3-blade propellers - Set of 4 (Black, Clear Gray, Milk White, or Whisky Options)
  • 5x M5 Adapters

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Cánh Quạt Gemfan D90-3

  • Mã: FPV-D90-3
  • Số lượng: 19
  • 50,000VND

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