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In the application of Cinematic FPV field, GEPRC is continues to pursuing innovation. When conventional size quadcopters are unable to meet the needs of shooting in small spaces, DarkStar20 is a good solution. DarkStar20, This is a small quadcopter within 120 grams that is designed for indoor shooting and outdoor flying.

DarkStar20 adopts a lightweight fully injection fuselage and uses a multi-dimensional triangular frame for strength aspact, which ensures good frame rigidity and an exquisite appearance.

The flight system uses TAKER F411-12A-E 1-2S AIO, and the SPEEDX2 1102 motor is paired with HQProp T51MM x4 propellers, which provides sufficient power and efficiency.In addition, the O3 Air Unit version has built-in 4K anti-shake video recording, which can create wonderful works.

After being carefully tuned by the GEPRC team, the Dark Star 20 has a smooth flying feel and a superior experience.


1. New design concept and lightweight fully injection fuselage, multi-directional triangular braced frame ensures strength.

2.The weighs only 85.5g (without batteries).

3. Built-in O3 Air Unit card record up to 4K 120fps high-definition video.

4. Compatible with indoor and outdoor flying and image creation, and also suitable for novice pilots.

5. TAKER F411-12A-E 1-2S AIO flight system integrates ELRS 2.4G receiver, which takes up less space and is more cost-effective.

6. New SPEEDX2 1102 motor with HQProp DT51mm x4 propellers can achieve ideal battery life.

7. In-depth cooperation with HQProp to fully optimize the dynamic balance of DT51mm x4 pros to reduce jelly.

8. Compact and portable, the best companion for travel photography.

9. The battery compartment protected by the frame retains the diversity of battery applications.

10. Adjustable camera protective hat to avoid broken when It’s flipping over.


Model: DarkStar20 WTFPV Cinewhoop Quadcopter(without camera)

Frame: GEP-DS20

Wheelbase: 90mm

FC system: TAKER F411-12A-E 1-2S AIO


Gyro: BMI270

OSD: Betaflight OSD w/AT7456E chip

ESC: Bluejay 8Bit 12A

VTX: Without VTX

Camera: Without Camera

Antenna: 5.8G UFL sleeve dipole antenna

Motor: SPEEDX2 1102 10000KV

Propeller: HQProp DT51mm x4

DarkStar20 WTFPV ELRS2.4G Weight: 50g ± 1g

Receiver: ELRS2.4G / TBS Nano RX

Recommended battery:LiPo 2S 500mah


1 x DarkStar20 WTFPV Cinewhoop Quadcopter(without camera)

2 x HQProp DT51mm*4(2pairs)

1 x Plum screwdriver

1 x Set of screws

1 x Keychain

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Máy Bay GepRC DarkStar20 DJI O3 Cinewhoop 2inch Quadcopter ELRS 2.4Ghz

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