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GEPRC G2523 2.5 “propeller has been successfully operated in Racing competition and freestyle flight after a plenty of performance optimization and adjustment. G2523 propeller is

very solid and has enough toughness, which can effectively reduce crash damage. Compared with the same size propeller, it has better toughness. Large pulling force and linear throttle make it suitable for Racing and Freestyle. Optimizing the design of airfoil propeller shape won’t easily produce blade chatter and jelly when the flight attitude of FPV changes greatly.


Length: 2.5 inch

Pitch: 2.3 inch

Material: Polycarbonate

Weight: 1.1g

Hub ID: T-style M2


Complete both Freestyle and competition

Good design and unique shape

Optimized shape and airfoil

High durability and extremely lightweight

Excellent quality and multiple colour


2 x G2523 CW Propellers

2 x G2523 CCW Propellers

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Bộ 4 Cánh Quạt GEPRC G2523

  • Mã: FPV-GEPRC-G2523
  • Số lượng: 30
  • 40,000VND

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