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The HGLRC Backpack is a medium-sized backpack aimed at FPV Drone users and photography enthusiasts. Most of its main fabric is splash-proof fabric, and The backpack is equipped with a waterproof zipper; The compartment design in the bag can flexibly allocate the storage space; Thickened back can provide good support; Overall, it has a very high potential for expansion and DIY, and it is the best choice for flying enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts!


1: Splash-proof fabric, waterproof zipper

2: Thickened support, upgraded the back cooling air duct

3: Separate warehouse design, flexible DIY

4: Detachable straps, adjustable back system

5: Equipped with nameplate and DIY Velcro position

6: Side opening design, easy to organize and storage

7:Thickened laptop compartment

8: Super loading system, the limit can be carry to 8 FPV Drone



Main Material:900D Leather light material + 900D 600D Nylon PU

Product net weight:≈2.55kg


1x HGLRC backpack (without velcro)

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Balo Chuyên Dụng Dành Cho FPV HGLRC 33.5L Backpack

  • Số lượng: 10
  • 2,900,000VND

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