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The OCP 5.8 is our new everyday omni antenna. Proven design, great signal, durable and look amazing. Available in all popular connector configurations.


Durable poly-carbonate, Injection Molded, ultra-sonically welded Housing

Clear indication of polarization direction

Excellent axial ratio and efficiency

Flexible coax cable option that deflect impacts

Knurled True-SMA for easy tightening

Quality MMCX/90 that snap on DJI fpv securely


Gain: 1.6dBic

Polarization: RHCP or LHCP

Cross-Polar Rejection: -10 to -20dB, (3.2%)

Bandwidth: 5.6GHz-6.0GHz

Radiation Efficiency: 98%

SWR: <=1.2:1

Weight: Vary with connector/cable option

Dimensions(head): 16.5mm dia. x 10.7mm height.

Length: Vary with cable option

Cable: TrueRC RG316S/RG402/RG178 coax

Connector: Reinforced True-SMA/90 male, U.FL, MMCX/90

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Anten Truerc Ocp 5.8 RHCP Sma Long 115mm

  • Mã: FPV-OCP-115-RHCP
  • Số lượng: Đặt trước
  • 305,000VND

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