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About this product

This V4 75mm frame is for the Happymodel Mobula7. This new version is more durable with a thicker frame, increasing the weight from 4.4g to 5.4g. The V4 is also now equipped with a lower FC mount position which no longer blocks the USB port. 

Also usable for other 75mm whoop builds!


  • Does not block the USB Port
  • Lower FC Mount position
  • More durable
  • Ultralight


  • Compatible with: Moblite7 and Mobula7
  • Brand Name: Happymodel
  • Color: Transparent White
  • Max propeller: 40mm
  • Wheelbase: 75mm
  • Weight: 5.4gram


  • 1x Happymodel V4 75mm Moblite7/Mobula7 Frame (Transparent Black)

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Khung Máy Bay Mobula7 75mm V4

  • Mã: FPV-MOBULA7-V4-thaythe
  • Số lượng: 4
  • 80,000VND

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